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We provide consulting services for hotel and restaurant management, both pre-opening and currently operating throughout Indonesia.

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  • Consultant service & Financial Planning

Consulting Services

We offer hotel consultant, asset optimization and revenue management services. The areas of expertise of our hotel management team and consultant

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  • Training Service Excellent

Training Services

We provide training on how the role of a staff is to be able to provide good service to guests. But now this is not enough, our guests should have an unforgettable experience as long as they enjoy our business products and services.

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  • Mistery Guest & Inspection

One Stop Shopper

We will submit a review in the form of data findings and suggestions during the inspection, The review is carried out in private with a check list that we have prepared which will be conveyed to the business owner.

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Hotel & Restaurant Consultant

Hotel & Restaurant Consultant


We Are Offerings

ID Hospitality is an independent hotel management company. We offer hotel consultants, asset optimization and revenue management services. The areas of expertise of our hotel management team and consultant

Social Media Management

Social media also plays an important role in your business

Sales & Marketing

New Prospects are very important when it comes to sales

Revenue Management

Designed to achieve maximum room occupancy rates

Finance & Cost Control

The plan allocates future income for various types of expenses

Asset Management

Effective management of company-owned assets to achieve goals

Pre-Opening Management

Paying attention to all the details of the part of the hotel opening

Food & Beverage Management

We can also help with how to create standard procedures

ID Consultant is an experienced professional

By hiring ID Consultant, you have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be financially feasible for them to retain in-house on a long-term basis. Moreover, you can control the expenditures on consulting ID Consultant provide our advice to you in a variety of forms, reliable reports and presentations.

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We boost our clients to get more sales

Our Mission

Become a trusted consultant to provide professional Hospitality Consultant through recommendations for continuous improvement & training.

Our Vision

We are committed to provide quality consultant and related services through our network



ID Consultant is an experienced professional in a specific hospitality field.


Providing Professional consultant on Hospitality & Restaurant Management


Offer Hotel consultant and Training session


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Providing professional consultant for Hospitality and Restaurant Management

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