Hotel & Restaurant Consultant

Hotel & Restaurant Consultant


Customer Service Experiences

We provide training on how the role of a staff is to be able to provide good service to guests. But now this is not enough, our guests should have an unforgettable experience as long as they enjoy our business products and services.

We provide training as well on how to create an experience for guests and not only with good service

Food and Beverage SOP

By increasingly critical of consumers / customers paying attention to the value in food and beverage in terms of quality and comfort, hotel and restaurant business people need to know various standard things that must be implemented for this Food and Beverage area, we can provide training on standard procedures in terms of providing food and beverage service that is safe and in accordance with standards.

We can also help with how to create standard procedures according to the business situation

New Prospect in Sales

New Prospects are very important when it comes to sales. But sometimes we come to a point where the prospect of prospecting in sales is stuck.

We will teach how we can find these new prospects and make them our revenue target.

There are several ways to get leads that we will cover in training including some support tools

Up Selling vs Cross Selling Technique

Up Sell and Cross Sell is a sales technique in sales where the seller encourages customers to buy more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons for more profitable sales. Where our goal of doing Up and Cross selling is to be able to maximize our income and profits

Handling Complaint

Is feedback from guests who are not satisfied with our products / services. How to solve this? We will provide training to staff so they can respond to these complaints correctly and appropriately.

We will also convey how to resolve this complaint by looking at the background of the cause of the incident in depth so that it becomes a reference in the future so that it does not happen again

Digital Marketing

As time goes on and market trends have changed, digital marketing is considered very important to be able to win business. the process of shifting has occurred from manual to digital. Likewise with hotel promotions that we must do digitally.

What can we do with digital marketing and why is this so important? Of course, social media also plays an important role in running your business. We will give you how to use digital to win the market that will end in business revenue.

Time Management

Are 24 hours a day getting too short to complete your daily tasks?

With high efficiency and productivity we will provide training to be able to make good use of time, so that all tasks and jobs can be completed properly.

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