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Hotel & Restaurant Consultant


Revenue Management

Revenue Management is the process of understanding, anticipating and responding to consumer behavior in order to maximize revenue or profit. With the aim of maximizing profit, companies that regulate their income can carry out pricing strategies.

We provide consulting services on the basics of revenue management in the hospitality industry such as how to implement a pricing strategy, how to measure your revenue management performance. It is designed to achieve maximum room occupancy rates and average room rates.

Restaurant Management

Effective restaurant management involves several challenges, such as public relations, inventory, staff, and customer service. Either way, a strong manager is an essential component of a successful restaurant—they are usually the person who handles both staff and customer issues.

Finance Management

Is a comprehensive evaluation of the current and future financial conditions using currently known variables to predict future earnings, asset values, and drawdown plans.

The plan allocates future income for various types of expenses, such as rent or utilities, and also provides some income for short-term and long-term savings. This includes capital expenditure arrangements that will be used in the future, which are sourced from current income.

Human Resources Management

is the part that will study the relationship between a worker and a company. You will learn how to recruitment, staffing, training, performance management, compensation, labor relations, health and security

Sales Account Management

Creating capabilities in sales strategy by implementing an account management system, building a good reputation and meeting or exceeding revenue targets through implementing the right sales strategy,

Implementing a sales strategy to win the business meets and generates maximum profit. Examples of high sales strategies include a growing market share, launching new products, improving quality or lowering operating costs.

Kitchen Management

In this service covers the basics of professional kitchen management, menu techniques & analysis then leads to guidelines for preparing industrial kitchens. Furthermore, a practical approach to calculating costs as well as setting food cost targets and calculating the actual food costs of an operation.

Choosing types of goods with competitive prices and good quality is one of the success factors in managing food costs and the important things is about implementing of HACCP in Kitchen operational

Pre Opening Planning

The Pre-Opening Planning process must be followed by paying attention to all the details of the part of the hotel opening so that it runs well and ensures that future hotel operations can run successfully. Pre-Opening Planning must be prepared in such a way as to monitor all activities related to one department to another, including matters relating to the project.

A check list is very necessary to ensure that all components of hotel opening preparation including the security side of hotel operations can be carried out properly

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